Ongoing Projects

At the onset, the New York State Department of Health created dozens of DSRIP projects for PPSs to choose from.  Based on the Community Needs Assessment, Community Care of Brooklyn selected 10 DSRIP projects to better serve the Medicaid population of Brooklyn.

CCB has pursued a collaborative approach to DSRIP project selection and planning with OneCity Health, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation PPS, to ensure that the needs of our communities are met through a coordinated approach.

NYS DSRIP Project implementation is divided into four Domains for project selection and reporting:

Domain 1 - Overall Project Progress

  • Investments in technology, tools, and human resources that will strengthen the ability of the Performing Providers Systems (PPS) to serve target populations and pursue DSRIP project goals.
  • Performing Providers Systems (PPS) will need to submit a detailed project plan for implementation of their chosen project.
  • Performance in this domain will be measured on meeting identified milestones in the project plan and progress to sustainability.

Domain 2 – System Transformation

Projects in this domain focus on system transformation and fall into three strategy sub-lists:

  • Create integrated delivery system
  • Implementation of care coordination and transitional care programs
  • Connecting system
  • All PPS must select at least two projects (and up to four projects) from Domain 2

Domain 3 - Clinical Improvement

  • Projects in this domain focus on clinical improvement for certain priority disease categories.
  • All PPS must select at least two (but no more than four) projects from Domain 3

Domain 4 –Population-wide Strategy Implementation – The Prevention Agenda

  • Projects in this domain are aligned to the NYS Prevention Agenda and should align with projects in Domain 3.
  • Performing Provider Systems will select one (but no more than two) projects

Click here to learn about our 10 selected DSRIP projects.